Parma City Tour

Parma, Grand Tour Continua

Parma, Grand Tour

The Grand Tour was a journey through Europe reserved for the offspring of noble and rich families who, in past centuries, thus perfected their knowledge. Italy was an essential destination and Parma was often part of the itinerary.
Suitable for those unfamiliar with Parma but also for those who live there but have never had the opportunity for a close contact with the beauty of the place where they live.

Prezzo: 15.00

Parma the Cathedral and the baptistery, guided Tour Continua

Parma the Cathedral and the baptistery, guided Tour

A harmonious medieval complex created over more than two centuries and unified by the figure of a great sculptor and architect who lived and worked in Parma, creating unique and wonderful works.

This visit allows you to grasp the absolute beauty of Benedetto Antelami's art, of the precious legacy he left us by creating works truly touched by the hand of God.

The opportunity to see the Baptistery Mesos up close, brought to human height on the occasion of Parma, the Italian Capital of Culture 2020 + 21, embellishes a visit that is already unique in itself.

The itinerary will continue with a visit to the Diocesan Museum and inside the Cathedral.

Prezzo: 25.00