Itineraries to discover

There are many virtues in the province of Parma, a territory with a strong identity and rich in traditions. It is a pleasure to know and discover every aspect: a set of emotions capable of making you fall in love even after just a single glance.

Histories of Castles and Fortresses in the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza

Set between the Apennines and the Po River, the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza spans over 300 years of history, but the Fortresses and the Castles in this area preserve much older memories. Witnesses to the epics of noble families, of feudal lords and condottieri, of betrayals, loves and struggles, together with a great gastronomic tradition, constitute the essence of this area of border and of great transits.

The Big River: tours and routes around the Po river

Many different routes with a single common denominator, the Po river.

Culture, history, food and wine or simply nature, the choice is yours!

VIVA Verdi!

"I've been, I am and I will always be a Roncole villager" (G.Verdi)

F.A.B. three tour

Food-Art-Boat tour

An unusual and unconventional tour between land and water to discover the Low Lands of Parma and the excellences of the territory both gastronomic and historical from a different point of view from the usual and finally ... two hours of navigation on the Po river with a private boat!

Parma’s flavours

Parma is a unique place in the world, in the heart of the Italian Food Valley with the largest number of typical products protected by quality brands, a paradise for the palate, which will leave you with unforgettable memories.