Food Museums

The tour among the Castles of the Duchy is an occasion full of appeal! First consideration is for the landscape side to discover our areas that often are unknown; secondary consideration is for the artistic side because these castles and forts are unique architectural jewels and on their insides they have multiple frescoes and refined collections of art; third consideration is for the historical side because of the struggles between the stately families that followed one another for the control of this area and, last but not least, for the gastronomical side because the beautiful province of Parma hosts six museums each one dedicated to a product symbol not only of the Made in Italy but also of the quality and the authenticity: Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, Tomato, Felino’s salame, Wine of the hills, Pasta. Born and ideated to tell the history, the traditions and the flavors of the typical products of a certified land, the Food Museums of Parma are the proof that quality is a way of life.