Visit Parma

To visit Parma and its surroundings means jumping into the past and live again tastes, trends and habits of different historical eras: from the wonderful glance of Piazza Duomo where the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Bishop's Palace creates a medieval corner of rare beauty, to the whole system of parish churches of the territory and its beautiful castles.

The Masterpieces of Correggio in Parma

Beautiful, wonderful indeed unique: the masterpieces of Correggio in Parma.

To think that, in the past, travelers stopped in Parma for his own, more than for cheese or ham! Today, however, the whole world knows Parma for its typical products, but not everyone knows a painter who has left his greatest masterpieces in Parma: Antonio Allegri da Correggio, better known as "il Correggio".

  1. Discovering Correggio's masterpieces with a knowledgeable local guide
  2. Internal visits to the abbess's chamber, Dome of St. John the Evangelist, dome of the Cathedral and National Gallery
  3. Free admission Days #iovadoalmuseo

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